Seed balls

A new way of gardening

Seed balls came into use in "guerilla gardening", a movement started in the 1970s by Londoner Richard Reynolds. "Garden Pirates" aimed at embellishing desolate areas in big cities under the cover of darkness. Meanwhile this "gardening Revolution" has become a civil movementplanning to revive desolate areas by planting flowers. A great idea that we took up an d tried to refine.

The advantages of seed balls:

  • seeds are protected against:
    » wind, rain, birds and rodents
    » drying up
  • seeds have a good start: 
    » seeds are coated by topsoil
    » shoots get best possible care by natural manure
  • best results as far as growth is concerned:
    » seeds come from ecologically conrolled cultivation
    » seeds sprout even on barren soil